Cropped hoodie in “Isla Verde”

Cropped hoodie in “Isla Verde”


This one of a kind cropped SNKSKN aims to merge sustainability and fashion. This heavyweight 600GSM organic cotton armor will have you feeling like you’re lounging in Isla Verde

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The inspiration for this SNKSKN cropped hoodie was combining winter comfort (heavyweight material) with beach feel (cropped aesthetic). 100% organic cotton was chosen as the fabric to allow for breathability, however being 600GSM this SNKSKN will protect you from the outdoor elements. Interchangeable drawcords will allow you to wear the product to represent the mood you’re in that day, or show off your passions. Metal aglets with etched snakeskin pattern are made with 100% recycled zinc alloy.

The color Isla Verde, named after a beach in Puerto Rico, symbolizes the warm tone of the garment.

The hoodie is coated with an infusion of lavender and peppermint to provide an essence of calmness while wearing the garment. Both lavender and peppermint are well known to increase longevity of a fabrics’ freshness which will lead fewer washes between wear and therefore decrease water utilization and carbon footprint.

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